February 15, 2011

My name is Roxie and I’m a brindle boxer, I was adopted by great parents, My mom spoils me because I love to make her laugh !!! My dad is retired and stays home all day with me, I love to keep him busy with all the stuff I like to get into !! There is never a dull moment when I’m around, I like to chase things….balls or cats it doesn’t matter !!!! I have a Golden Retreiver brother named Duke and he treats me like a queen !!! He cuddles me and lets me curl up right next to him and he keeps me warm !! My mom has 2 grandboys who love to come over and play with me and my toys…..Boy I sure do love those kids, they have as much energy as I do !!! I’m living a dog’s life !!!



February 15, 2011

Hi it’s Gracie !!

I wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful home I now have !!  I was adopted in November 2010 by my new mom and dad.  I am very happy because they love me sooo much.  My mom keeps calling me her joy (I think she forgets my name is Gracie) I get to walk to see the kids waiting for the school bus and all the kids love to see me coming.  I have a very special dog friend “Doc” he is a BIG BOY and he comes over to my house and sits on my front porch waiting for me to come out and play, I like Doc, he is pretty special because he was my first new friend at my new house.  My mom takes me every where with her and I love to ride in the car especially when we are going to the dog park !! I have a couple of good friends I see at the dog park and we play and play.  I have a little sister Zoe who is a Yorkie and we are the best of friends, we play together and even sometimes sleep together!!  We like to do girl things together like going to the beauty shop and getting our nails trimmed and painted.  After a hard day of playing and  being a Boxer, there is nothing like curling up on my dad’s lap and being a LOVE sponge !!

Happy Howlidays from Stella

December 19, 2010

I thought I would drop BHR a note this holiday season to let everyone know how happy I am and how GREAT my forever home is !!
My new mom and dad think I am wonderful and they LOVE me so much!!
My favorite things are tennis balls and cookies (my mom doesn’t let me have very many cookies)
I love to go for walks and meeting new people and everyone we meet said how great and beautiful Iam, this makes my new family very proud !!
I have a little brother who is 2, he is a rescued Boxer too.
We love each other very much and are very best friends. We keep each other company and play together.
I do have a few medical problems but my mom is a LVT and works for my Vet, so I get the best care ever!! BHR did a great job finding me a forever home and my parents are so greatful for being to adopt me. I light up their lives and that makes me the luckest dog in the world.!!
Boxer hugs and kisses !!

From the paw of Tyson…

May 20, 2010

I have been with my new family for about two weeks.  I am still undergoing treatment for heartworm.  I go back to the doggy doctor for a second treatment on June 7th.  My new family is trying really hard to keep me quiet and calm.  This is very hard for me because that means no walks, stairs, jumping or rigorous playing for the next 30 – 60 days.  My mommy thinks she looks boring but in my eyes she is helping me so much and to a point allowing me to live longer!!!! I am very thankful that she is helping me!  My daddy and mommy are helping pass the time by teaching me new tricks and commands.  They say I am SMART. 

My mommy and daddy are trying to help my learn to LOVE my crate.  They have done a lot of things including getting in the crate themselves to show me that it really is a safe place.  I am learning that it is a nice place to be.  I know it is for my own safety that I have to stay in my crate while my mommy and daddy work. 

My mommy says I am a joy and that they love me very much.  My very best favorite thing to do is to look out this thing they call a door wall (it looks like a big window to me) at all the animals like deer, turkeys, groundhogs, opossums, bunnies and my of course squirrels!  One day I am going to get one of them, if not for real at least in my dreams.

Thank you Boxer Haven Rescue for placing me in this forever home.

Duece the clown

May 18, 2010

My name is Duece but my new mom and dad call me Dufese (if that is really a word LOL).  My mom says that she calls me that because I act like a clown.  I can’t help it I just get so excited I can’t help myself.  I love playing with my puppy.  That’s right I have my very own puppy to play with.  We play and play until mommy says we have to stop.  Mom says I am a joy and she loves me.  Thank you Boxer Haven Rescue for helping my find my Forever Home!

Update from Mika

May 18, 2010

Dear Boxer Haven Rescue,

I just wanted to write and let you know that I am doing just fine.  My mom says that I run around the house like I own the place.  I have a job to do and that is to keep the cattle dog busy.  My mommy works with me everyday on this thing they call “potty training”  I will get it!!!!  My mommy wanted to say thank you to my foster parents! I am very HAPPY with my new home!!!

I am Seamus!

May 6, 2010

When I moved to my Forever home my new family changed my name from Elliot to Seamus.  I LOVE my new name!  I love the kids and this thing they call a baby.  I have one job now, MAKE SURE THE BABY IS SAFE.  I have to follow her around in the backyard, being the Nanny is hard work sometimes but something I LOVE to do!  I have a playmate Lily she is a little doggie (a Westie) she set me straight and let me know that she is the boss by growling and snapping at me but that only took once, now she is my Best Friend!!  I like to play with Lily.  The puppy and I have an agreement we switch food at dinner time.  That makes my mommy a little tense since the puppy really should be eating the puppy food.  But soon we will figure it out!  I get to sleep at night with either my human brother or my mommy and daddy.  SWEET!! I don’t like to get to far away from my family, so when I have to go potty I make someone to come outside with me.  I go out do my stuff and hurry back in.  My mommy and daddy are working on that with me.  I do like to play soccer with the kids outside.  Soon I am sure that I will be able to stay out by myself.

Lost and Found

May 6, 2010

We were in Michigan visiting Grandma in Michigan, oh how I love Grandma’s house.  But it was time to go on our big Bye-Bye car trip home to Missouri.  Mom and Dad took off my collar because sometimes in the car my tags make noise and the kids were sleeping.  When I was going from the house to the car I got really scared and I thought I should RUN.  That wasn’t the best idea because now I was LOST.  I was really scared now and I missed my family so much.  I know that Grandma would try the best she could to find me but she was not able to walk the neighborhood too much.  I knew that my mommy and daddy had to make it back to Missouri  and couldn’t stay around looking for me, but at this point I was to lost and couldn’t find my way back.  A nice lady took me in and said that she would call Boxer Haven Rescue and they would take me.  They took me in and promised to have me checked out at the doggy doctor’s to make sure I was healthy.  Then they promised me a FOREVER HOME.  I was still missing my mommy and daddy and feeling bad because I couldn’t help it that I got scared and ran.  Then my foster mommy told me that she had a call and that my mommy and daddy were looking for me and that I was going back to my FOREVER HOME.  I couldn’t wait.  I wanted to be with my mommy and daddy and kids so bad.  The lady who originally took me in and called Boxer Haven Rescue came and picked me up and took me to my uncle who is driving me back to Missouri so I can be with my KIDS again.  Thank you Boxer Haven Rescue, I cannot wait to tell my friends all about this Great group that helps LOST Boxers!! Thank you for helping find my FOREVER home again.  I don’t like being LOST.

On the road again……

April 25, 2010

Breaker..Breaker.. one.. nine.. this is Lovie boxer haven do you copy…… This is boxer haven go ahead Lovie…

I just wanted to give you all an update on me.  I am with my second rescue family.  I was staying at mom while my new Mom and Dad went to work but had a little “potty issue” you know that sometimes comes with age, you know I am pushing 70 in doggy years.  So my Daddy said I could just go to work with him.  Well let me tell you my Daddy drives this BIG truck and we go for the day on short hauls.  I get to go on day runs all over the state and I ride “shot-gun” on my special blanket that has traveled with me from my foster mom (she really saved my life and I will forever be thankful!)  I get potty stops anytime I need it and I even get to pick the radio station.  Nothing better then driving down the road listening to country or good old time rock and roll.  Sometimes my daddy had to take a rest and when he gets out of the DRIVERS seat it is my turn to fantasize about driving.  I always give the seat up when he comes back and it is all warmed up and ready for him to take us home to Mom.  I enjoy taking in the sights and my Daddy says I am the best company. 

So keep on truckin….


Hello from Gus (Wylie)

March 30, 2010

Guess what my friends at Boxer Haven Rescue, I LOVE my new family.  I enjoy playing with my pal, Buddy and I have gotten used to those BIG animals they call horses.  I get to run free in the yard and have learned my boundaries because of this thing they tell me is an underground fence.  It’s funny I know it’s there but I can’t see it.  My Daddy says that I am full of energy and very lovable.  He also says that I am like having a two year old around.  What can I say I am a puppy and like getting into things!  I love everyone I meet and most seem to love me.